November 16, 2012

The translation process

Translation can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you do not speak the relevant foreign language or have a grasp of the characters involved. That’s why Linguistico is the partner of choice for many law firms, insurers and courts when technical legal and insurance translations are needed. We always go the extra mile for clients and keep costs to a minimum where possible.

How to Get Started

The first step is easy. Simply contact us and let us know as much of the following as possible:

Linguistico’s attention to detail and client service during our translation project was incredible. Senior Product Manager, global pharmaceutical company.

languages required
subject area
turnaround time
regulatory / other requirements

These details may be very clear from the documents in front of you but, if not, just ask.

What Happens Next?

Once we know your requirements, we will assemble a team of specialist translators and editors with experience in your required area.

Our project-specific quote will detail the time and cost involved in your project and, once approved, we start undertaking the initial translation. All of our quotes are fixed and we do not normally charge higher costs for track changes, PDF documents or rushed work.

Market-leading Value 

Linguistico believes in providing market-leading work and fantastic client service at outstanding rates. In even our most standard translation projects, we include the following quality assurance processes:

Your Linguistico project manager reviews the original documents to assess suitability for translation
Project-specific issues are discussed with you prior to commencing work
A Linguistico translator completes a clear, precise translation
The completed translation is edited by specialist third party editors
Editors and project manager consider any substantive issues which are then discussed in detail with the original translator
Translator and project manager finalise the translation
Quality-checked document is returned to you for review
Your Linguistico project manager will remain on hand to answer any queries

Post-Translation Service

After completing your project, our translation, editing and project management team remains on hand to provide you with continued language support. You might wish to make changes to your documents. We will work together to ensure your documents are right for you, your commercial needs and your audience, because we want to convey your meaning, every time.

Team Consistency

We build small, focused teams around our clients so that we can truly understand their individual needs in terms of both technical and service requirements.

As relationships with our clients develop, we then consistently use the same translators, editors and project managers so that, as a team, we can work together as your translation partner and provide the same high quality work on every project.

Translation Quality

As well as quality-checking and training our translators, we offer all clients the following:

Thorough review of even the most simple translation projects
One project manager assigned to each project from start to finish
Continued use of the same translators for the same clients so that understanding of terminology and output are consistent
Third party expert editing, where relevant to your specific project needs

Translation is a subjective subject and, unlike mathematics, there can often be no right answer. However, by using only the most suitable translators for your specific project, we can ensure that the finer points of language are carried across from the original to the translation, every time.

Contact us today to see how legal and insurance translations should be done.