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We only provide legal and insurance translations. This means that we focus on one job, and focus on being the best.
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Legal Translations

Providing expert legal translations to law firms, banks, courts and arbitration institutions. We use legally-qualified and highly experienced legal translators.

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Insurance translations

Working closely with insurers, reinsurers, brokers and law firms, we provide some of the leading insurance document translations in the market.

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We love to hear from clients who are looking for the best, not the cheapest, translations available. If quality really matters to you and your project, please contact us.

Linguistico translators have comprehensive experience and specialist knowledge of the legal and insurance industries.
Translation by humans, not machines.

Linguistico is a boutique business that offers clients a first-class language translation service with a focus on quality, efficiency, understanding and value for money. Linguistico sets itself apart from its competitors through its attention to detail, project management methodologies, commercial insight and use of industry-experienced translators. Through experience in providing clear language advice to worldwide corporate entities, we truly understand the importance of accuracy, deadlines, confidentiality and value.

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