November 17, 2012

Legal and insurance translation

Linguistico has a proven track record in delivering quality translations to some of the world’s leading business organisations in the finance, healthcare, insurance and legal industries as well as a number of government departments.

With an ever-growing number of clients, Linguistico’s approach to projects changes every time we work with a new organisation. But our core values and principles remain the same – deliver quality work, within deadline and offer great value for market-leading work.

Legal and Insurance Experts

We provide language work for local and multinational organisations including:

Why do we specialise?

As lawyers ourselves, we understand the needs of the legal and insurance markets. We have been there on both sides of the fence, as lawyers and as buyers of legal services. We have seen the level of translation work often provided to law firms and realise that quality should be provided as standard. By specialising in legal and insurance translations, we can offer the best work in the market by working with small, niche translators who opt for quality over quantity.

Linguistico actively recruits its project managers, translators and editors from these core industries so that we can talk your language and understand what drives your business very quickly. Why not take a look at our translators to find out more?

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