November 16, 2012

Legal and insurance translation specialists

Linguistico translators not only live and breathe language, they have comprehensive experience and specialist knowledge of the legal and insurance industries. Run by former lawyers, with experience in practice in top-tier firms in the UK and Australia as well as in-house at a number of insurance businesses, we provide high quality work to law firms, insurers, banks, government bodies and courts.

Our global network of top-tier translators allows us to provide outstanding translations to some of the world’s leading business organisations. From complex legal documents to lengthy insurance policies, we accommodate the most challenging translation work and make the process simple, smooth and, occasionally, educational while providing outstanding client service at surprisingly good rates.

Why do we think Linguistico’s translations are the best available in the market?

We use humans, not machines

Our translators include former lawyers and hold postgraduate qualifications, at minimum

We only use a small, specialist team of translators who “get” our specific client needs

All projects are managed by former lawyers who understand the need for accuracy, efficiency and quality

We don’t undertake cheap translation work and are often called upon by new clients to “fix” translation work which had been outsourced to a low cost translation company. By contrast, we know from the moment we have reviewed your documents who will be working on your project and we will happily detail their qualifications and experience. This is because we work closely with our translators and know their skills and qualifications by heart. We are proud to work with translators of such skill and expertise.

Contact us today to see how legal and insurance translations should be done.