November 16, 2012

Our specialist legal and insurance translators

At Linguistico, we use more than just translators. We use experienced industry professionals – some of the best in the world.

Our translators and editors are some of the most experienced in the world of translation. They include lawyers, financial, insurance, marketing and technical specialists who live and breathe language on a daily basis. They have extensive practical experience and qualifications in their chosen fields, giving them specialised industry know-how, local knowledge and outstanding technical skills.

This means that when Linguistico undertakes your legal or insurance translation project, you can be assured that the technical meaning and content of your work will be clearly understood by our translators and, as a consequence, will be expressed precisely to your audience.

Industry-Experienced Linguists

Linguistico is unique in its approach to translator recruitment, seeking only the best and most experienced to undertake your work.

Our team of translators includes:

lawyers from a range of practice areas
insurance experts, including underwriters and academics
banking experts
marketing professionals

Native Speakers

Linguistico’s talented linguists only translate into their native tongue as we believe this ensures that the words used are not only technically correct but have idiomatic correctness, reflect the author’s intentions and capture the nuances of the source text.

See our translation page to find out about our languages.

Rigorous Testing

Linguistico implements multiple quality control measures with every translation project. These begin long before a project is even conceived and include:

using only the best translators available in the market
checking, testing and training our translators
use of accredited translators, where required

Suitability Selection

Not every project requires a legal or insurance expert. However, every project does require the most suitable person for the job. Linguistico’s experienced project managers will consider your target market, document type, subject and specific purpose before selecting a team of people with appropriate backgrounds.

Contact us today to see how legal and insurance translations should be done.